Friday, August 26, 2016

Anthony & Elizabeth // Engaged

During this phase of having two little ones I am not one for writing blog posts, in fact, you may have noticed that most of this blog is purely images. But something about these two has inspired me to ramble....

When I first met with Anthony and Elizabeth to talk about the possibility of documenting thier wedding day I felt like we just clicked! And later they confirmed that by choosing me to document this time in their lives. It is always such a relief to find out that feeling goes both ways, haha. Their engagement location was at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Cedar Lake...The place where their love story began. Anthony and Elizabeth were both standing up in a friends wedding and Elizabeth would not give Anthony the time of day. At the reception he finally just asked her out and one year later here they are preparing for marriage! (Take note men, most of the time all you have to do is simply ask her!) 

The forecast promised us some rain at some point this day, but I knew the skies would be glorious right before and after so it was worth the risk! I'm so glad we went forward with it because I am in LOVE with the variety of light in their session! And I am even more in LOVE with how much these two laugh and are crazy about each other. Anthony and Elizabeth, I cannot wait for your wedding day next June! 

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